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Puerto Rico: A port of call that dances to a different beat under the glorious Caribbean sunshine

30 octubre, 2015

New non-stop flights to Puerto Rico make it easier to reach an island that has mastered the art of blending cultures – and cocktails Leslie Woit Where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, the boat rolls over whitecaps under a muddled sky. Beside me, a muscled youth sporting a buzz cut and a singlet grips his […]

Puerto Rico

20 octubre, 2015

By Erick Dowdle Description: Puerto Rico With it’s first settlement founded in 1508 by Ponce de Leon, Puerto Rico has a long history of colonization. Literally translated as “rich port”, the island was historically know for it’s transports of gold and silver from the new world to Europe. The city’s capitol, San Juan, is depicted […]

Puerto Rico

18 octubre, 2015

Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is an unincorporated territory of the United States of America. With its name which translates to Spanish as “Rich Port”, Puerto Rico has a population of 3,674,209 (2013 est). According to archaeologists, the island’s first inhabitants were the Ortoiroid people, dating to around 2000 BC. They were […]

Nuestro Puerto Rico

10 octubre, 2015 Orgullosamente lo Nuestro

6 octubre, 2015

  Culebra Isla Chiquita Culebra, forma parte del archipiélago de Puerto Rico, la Isla Chiquita, su mar de colores es el preferido de visitantes y turistas, es dueña de una las mejores payas del mundo. ¿Qué se puede decir de Culebra? Se puede decir que es uno de los lugares mas bellos del mundo, que sus […]