Puerto Rico

By Erick Dowdle


Description: Puerto Rico

With it’s first settlement founded in 1508 by Ponce de Leon, Puerto Rico has a long history of colonization. Literally translated as “rich port”, the island was historically know for it’s transports of gold and silver from the new world to Europe. The city’s capitol, San Juan, is depicted in Eric’s painting of this caribbean island. Many walls and fortifications built by the Spanish government are still intact and surround the city. The vibrant culture is not only reflected in their art, food and music, but also the colorful architecture that abounds throughout the city.

Inside Story: Puerto Rico

*Castillo San Felipe del Morro (el Morro)
*Faro de Morro lighthouse
*Roberto Clemente – many great baseball player have roots in Puerto Rico.
*Pope John Paul II – first Pontiff to visit the Island – and Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez
*Water Sports in the Caribbean are awesome.
*The Taino and Caribe cultures lived here for thousands of years.
*Christopher Columbus claimed the island for Spain on his 2nd Voyage.
*Juan Ponce de Leon – 1st Governor of Puerto Rico, never found fountain of youth.
*Jose Juan Barea – 1st Puerto Rican on Championship NBA team.
*Chi Chi Rodriguez – Pro Golfer, Touche’
*Cementario Santa Maria Magelena de Pazzis
*Castillo San Cristobal
*The Puerto Rico Capitol Building
*State Department Reception Center
*Iglesia San Jose
*Statue of Christopher Columbus- Plaza de Colon
*Iglesia San Agustin – Puerto de Tiera School
*San Juan Central Post Office
*Cathedral de San Juan Bautista
*Palacio de Santa Catalina
*Paseo de la Muralla – what a gorgeous walk.
*School of Fine Arts
*Casa Blanca – home of Juan Ponce de Leon
*Ballaja Barracks – Museum of the Americas
*Quincentennial Fountain
*Totem Telurico
*Plaza de Armas
*Flying chiringas (kites) in the ocean breeze at el morro, 5-star fun.
*Eric was amazed by the San Juan cats everywhere.
*Coquis’ – they sing the song of Puerto Rico.
)La Muralla

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